Chemtest attending International Network of Environmental Forensics (INEF)

Chemtest’s Technical Director, Dr Ken Scally, will be chairing the petroleum hydrocarbon plenary session at the International Network of Environmental Forensics (INEF) conference on the 10th to 12th of June in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

The INEF was founded in 2008 to share information regarding the use of environmental forensics with scientists, environmental consultants, regulators, and lawyers.

Ken is delivering a talk entitled “Environmental Forensics – Could this be magic?” which discusses the laboratory approach to environmental forensic investigations. During the conference, Ken is particularly looking forward to catching up with Ileana Rhodes who is delivering a keynote speech on Tuesday morning (June 11, 2019) on “Integrated Environmental Forensics”. Ken and Ileana have worked on many projects together over the years, Ileana is a key contributor to the formation of the Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Criteria Working Group (TPHCWG).

Ken has a long-standing relationship with the organisers of this conference, previously delivering a talk on “Sub-soil TO15 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Vapour Intrusion Analysis” when the conference was held at St John’s College, Cambridge back in 2011. Before then, in 2005, Ken was involved with the same team of organisers when he presented a paper at the Southeast Asia Environmental Forensics Conference in the National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan on “Advances in the Forensic Identification of Petroleum Related Releases into the Environment“.

A number key personnel will be in attendance at this years event, one of whom, Dr Robert Morrison, currently holds the chair of INEF and was previously the Education coordinator of the International Society of Environmental Forensics (ISEF).


Finally, Ken will be contributing to the discussions which will be covered on Monday 10th June 2019 in the panel on evolving issues for emerging contaminants on PFAS: Scientific, Regulatory and Legal Challenges.