A new era for Chemtest



It is now more than 12 months since Chemtest became part of Eurofins, the world leader in food, environmental & pharmaceutical testing, and a company employing over 47,000 staff across a network of more than 800 laboratories, in over 50 countries.

During this time, amazing things have been happening at Chemtest, and a huge programme of investment has been begun in people, equipment, systems and processes.

Highlights to date

  • Investing £1.6M in new laboratory instrumentation
  • Expanding Newmarket HQ and increasing sample capacity by 100%
  • Commencing a 2-year business transformation initiative using LEAN and 5s techniques
  • On time delivery of results has increased by 25%
  • Leadership & Technical Teams have been strengthened with key appointments

Looking to the future

Notwithstanding the current coronavirus pandemic, which has seen Chemtest and Eurofins colleagues work together to support each other, and our clients, we believe that now is the time for Chemtest to take the next step on it’s exciting journey as part of Eurofins.

We are therefore pleased to announce that, with effect from 1st July 2020, we will be changing our company name to Eurofins Chemtest Ltd, and adopting a new “Eurofins Chemtest” brand.

Although we are proud to adopt the Eurofins name and branding, we also recognise the history and tradition associated with the Chemtest name.

Our service

On a practical level, there will be no other changes taking place and you will continue to trade with us on the same basis as you do at present.

In this respect, it really is business as usual for us here at Eurofins Chemtest, and we look forward to being of service to you for many more years to come.

Further information

If you require any further information about this, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team on 01638 606 070, or via email cs.team@chemtest.com, or feel free to speak directly to your regional account manager.


Thank you to all of our customers.

From everyone at Eurofins Chemtest.



Registered in England and Wales · Registration Number 6511736 · VAT Number 887127683. Eurofins Chemtest is a member of the EIC, Environment Industries Commission.
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    A number of different publications and standards cite sulphate methods. BR279 (1995) has largely been superseded by analytical procedures as detailed in TRL 447 and BRE Special Digest:1 2005 3rd Edition. In addition further reference may be made to BS EN 144-1:2009 + A1:2012 for the testing of aggregates and BS 1377:2018 for soils for civil engineering purposes.

    Testing to meet the requirements of UKWIR Report Ref. No. 10/WM/03/21 Guidance for the selection of water supply pipes to be used in brownfield sites.

    Testing & reporting is undertaken in accordance with BS 3882:2015 Specification for topsoil and BS 8601:2013 Specification for subsoil and requirements for use

    All Asbestos Methods